My name is Julien Posture, I’m an illustrator based in Montreal, Canada.

I like to make simple and thoughtful images, quietly queering up representations. I think a good illustration not only convey a message in a beautiful way, but also tacitly develops people’s visual literacy. 
I’m also a researcher, studying, writing and speaking about visual culture, mostly within the creative industry, and usually with a critical perspective. My current pet peeve is understanding the history and sociology of the concept of “style” and how it exists at the instersection of - often opposite - economic and romantic ideologies. 

If you are part of a grassroot movement working to support, defend and improve lives of LGBTQIA+ and or BIPOC people, I offer some pro-bono work each year for groups like yours.  

Je parle aussi - surtout - Français.


The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Medium, NBC News, Plan Sponsor, Plan Adviser, Imagination Agency, The Guardian,  FT Weekend, Maisonneuve, EnRoute Magazine, L’Obs,  Courier, Johns Hopkins Magazine, L’Esprit Libre, Université de Montréal, and more.

- M.Sc anthropology, 2018, University of Montreal - BFA visual arts (printmaking), 2013, European School of Visual Arts

Booooooom - 2019
The Design Kids - 2019
La Presse (Fr) - 2020
Communication Arts - 2020

- University of Applied Sciences, Würzburg, Germany, 2020
- ACSALF, Canada, 2018
- University of Montreal, Canada, 2016

- Who gets to define illustration ? 2020
- (Why) Do illustrators need to talk about ethics ? 2020
- “Style”, copyright and money : 3 faces of the same coin, 2020
- “How to find my style” : A (short) critical history of an illustration myth, 2019
- Religion and nationalism : Visual blaspheme in Myanmar, L’Asie en 1000 mots (in French), 2017
- When is a Buddha image ? The semiotic processes in the consecration of a Buddha statue in Myanmar, Master’s Thesis, 2017
- Film, Photography, and the Contemporary Museum: An Interview with Denis Chevallier and Florent Molle, Cultural Anthropology, 2017

© Julien Posture 2021