Selection of editorial illustrations

She didn't know her kidnapper. But he was using Google Maps — and that cracked the case.
 NBC News - AD : Kara Haupt

Mental health during the pandemic.
The Philanthropist - AD : Kevin Yuen Kit Lo

This Is No Time to Read Alone
NYT Book Review - Matt Dorfman

How to be believed ?
FT Weekend - NamYoung An

The Language of Friendship, as Heard in a Dublin Pub
NYT Book Review - AD : Matt Dorfman

All day is a long time
NYT Book Review - AD : Deanna Donegan

The Future of Work
The Philanthropist - AD : Kevin Yuen Kit Lo 
Grand illusion: how the pandemic exposed we're all just pretending
The Guardian - AD : Francisco Navas

What to do of the “ugly feelings” of the researcher when writing as a sociologist ? - Siggi Magazine

How domestic abusers weaponize the courts
The Atlantic - AD : Emily Jan

Gathering those that got lost in back where they belong
Plan Sponsor - AD : SooJin Buzelli

Plan Sponsor - AD : SooJin Buzelli

The female protective effect
Spectrum News - AD : Rebecca Horne