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My name is Julien Posture, I’m an illustrator based in Montreal. I have BFA in printmaking as well as an M.Sc. in anthropology, with a focus on linguistics and semiotics. Both my artistic and research work deal with the ways images (and the way we look at them) convey meaning, but also shape society.

In addition to my work as an illustrator, I develop a theoritical work on visual culture and illustration from an anthropological perspective. I’m part of the ethical comitee of Illustration Québec and I occasionally write about illlustration here.
Education :

- M.Sc in anthropology, 2018, University of Montreal
- BFA in visual arts (printmaking), 2013, European School of Visual Arts

Featured on :
The Design Kids - 2019

Awards :
American Illustration 39, chosen
Clients :

The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Medium, NBC News,
Plan Sponsor, Plan Adviser, Imagination Agency, The Guardian, FT Weekend, Maisonneuve, EnRoute Magazine, L’Obs, Corporate Knight, Johns Hopkins Magazine, L’Esprit Libre, Université de Montréal, And more.